Friday, September 16, 2011

Not All News Is Bad News.

Hey guys and dolls!  So if you guys have read my blogs for a while or know me at all, then you’ll know when it comes to news I tend to take a head in the sand kind of stance on it because news never seems to be good these days.  But today I found three awesome bits of news that have renewed my faith in the news and makes me see that not all news is bad news.

So today I was surfing the web and found a super interesting article about this Navy officer that was doing some volunteer work picking up trash on a Hawaiian beach in observance of International Costal Cleanup Day.  While picking up trash he found a glass bottle with something inside.


What was inside?  A letter from a Japanese school girl named Saki Arikawa.  There was also a picture of her school class as well as four origami flowers in the bottle. It seems that Saki was getting ready to graduate elementary school back in March of 2006 and her and her classmates dropped bottles into a nearby bay in celebration and remembrance of this event.  Pretty awesome right?  So the right US authorities contacted the right Japanese authorities and the Japanese authorities were delighted to learn the bottle had reached land and was discovered.  Very cool.  The Japanese authorities are trying to find the teacher and Saki to tell them of the discovery of the bottle.  I hope they find both of them, I know this will be so exciting for them to learn.

5 years ago a little Colorado kitty went missing.  The owners were hopeful they would find her because they had her micro-chipped, but they never found her.  However, the lucky family were soon to get a surprise 5 years later.  Watch the clips below to learn more.

Can you believe it?  Ok so a quick recap for those of you who can’t see the videos.  Willow, the cute calico kitten in question, disappeared 5 years ago and the owners after some time decided the poor thing must have become dinner for the owls or coyotes in the area.  Then they get a call 5 years later that there cat was found in, get this, Manhattan.  The family is shocked to learn that not only was their cat alive but she’s in Manhattan of all places.  They are shocked and don’t know how she has survived for so long.  I’m shocked too to learn she’s survived all these years in the wild on her own.  I hope she will be reunited with her family soon.  Happy ending to a long drawn out story for them.  It’s kind of interesting how both these stories initially started around the same time.  Well I hope Willow settles back into her home life with her family.

And one final story for you.  A Utah man riding his motorcycle was hit by a car and pinned under it by his blazing motorcycle that caught on fire due to the car hitting the gas tank.  He screamed when he noticed where he was and what was happening but soon passed out.  If left like that he would have surely passed away, but a few good Samaritans were not about to let that happen.  Watch the video below to find out what they did.

So for those who can’t see the video, a group of good Samaritans tried to push the car off of Brandon, the young man pinned under the car, but at first they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have enough people.  They at first thought he was dead until a young woman got down on the ground and looked under the car and saw he was indeed breathing.  So the original people and several others that rushed to the scene worked hard to lift the car and one of them grabbed Brandon’s leg and pulled him out to safety.  These people could have been burned or the car, that was smoking, could have exploded, but they didn’t care and they saved Brandon’s life.  How amazing is that?  It’s so wonderful to see there are still good people in the world willing to risk their lives for yours.  So all is not lost in the world yet.  And as long as good stories like these continue to happen and be reported I may start pulling my head out of the sand more to keep up with current events and see what’s going on in the world.  Smile

And that’s about all I wanted to post about today.  A lot of good going on in the world, can’t help but smile.  And now I am off to continue working on my craft area, my shop logos, new blog logos, etc.  Talk to you lovely people later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Excitedly waiting for the next bit of good news to come her way,


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