Sunday, January 29, 2012

Believe It Or Not, It’s Edible!


Look at this super cute cupcake.  Lolo (Lauren) of “Vegan Yum Yum” fame created some cute knit related cupcakes for her friend’s going away party.  How did she create such cute and detailed cupcake toppers?  With marzipan!  I have never worked, nor do I think have tasted marzipan, but I think it’s amazing how it can be formed into such detailed shapes.  And when I say detailed, I mean it.  Look at this next picture.


Look at this detail!  She made a sweater, two finished scarves with tassels, balls of yarn, a knitted work in progress, and my favorite, a frogged piece of work.  So freaking cute!!!  So I bet you are curious on how to make these cuties.  Never fear.  Lolo was on Martha Stewart and taught Martha and the audience how she makes her little treasures.  Have a look.

Can you believe how simple that is?!?  And how the makes it look like knitting, it was a facepalm moment for me.  Genius.  It’s just amazing how crafty people are and what they come up with.  I just had to share this little find with you all.  I know it’s a bit dated, but it’s new to me and I’m sure some of you are looking at it with fresh eyes too.

And that will be all for this post.  Trying to tidy up my computer so hopefully I won’t lose too many files when they take it apart.  *sigh*  I hope to be back posting soon.  Especially since OWOA is coming up soon.  So excited.  Smile  Ok talk to you guys soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Ready to warm up now,

Most Expensive Gingerbread House


Wow, I’ve forgotten how I blog.  I wanted to make this quick post to try to clean up some things I’d been meaning to do and never gotten to, since I have to take my computer in to be cleaned soon.  It’s been doing the annoying turn off thing because it’s been overheating and diving into my computer to do it myself really seems daunting when you see you have to take the WHOLE THING APART.  Disappointed smile  I’ve got it working ok as long as I have a fan blowing on it.  Let me fill you in on something, it’s 33 degrees outside, my room is the coldest room in the house in the winter, my fan is right next to me blowing, and I’m wearing my jacket with the hood up.  In short, I do this for you.  Smile

So around Christmas time I did a search for dollhouses because I was on the search for different ways to set up one, when I came across this interesting article about a gingerbread house made to look like a dollhouse basically.  It was located in Gothenburg, Sweden and basically instead of making your generic gingerbread house the person decided to show the inside of the house as well as the expansive grounds, and all of it, you guessed it, is edible.  Pretty neat right?  It’s 50 cm, a little over 19 and a half inches tall.  And why is it considered the most expensive gingerbread house?  In Sweden the house costs 35,000 SEK, or close to 3,000 Euro, if it were that price today it would cost us American peeps roughly $3963.90.  A bit pricey for a cookie house, for me at least.  Smile

But isn’t it pretty?  You can get some closer views of the inside here.  For food it is pretty detailed.  This all got me to thinking about how I would create a gingerbread dollhouse for actual dolls to reside in.  For one thing I think the house above is missing a gingerbread staple, candies.  I think it would have made it look more like a gingerbread house and not just a brown house covered in snow, kwim?

Then I started thinking, would I make it for 1/12th or 1/6th.  Now I would prefer 1/6th, but 1/12th seems like it would be easier to work with on a project like this, thinking size-wise and and all.  Maybe if I have a kid some day I will entertain this thought again and have them share in the fun of making it with me.  But I just had to show you guys this and try to bring some life back to the blog.  Still not back yet. I have a ton to do.  My emails are backed up again thanks to my computer, and so many other things are being pushed back. If you have emailed me I will get back to you.  Sorry about the super delay.

And that’s about it for this post. I will talk to you lovely people later.  Be good until then, by for now.

Wishing it wasn’t so cold in her room,