Monday, April 16, 2012

Don’t worry. Be crafty.


Hello my lovelies, I am back. My computer situation has not been sorted, but I am making do with it for now. Looking to upgrade later on this year so I can deal for now.  Now on to today’s crafty post.

Have you ever had it when you are overwhelmed with the supplies you own, the ways you could go with a project, or the many ideas floating around in your head?  Or perhaps you are sabotaging yourself with the ever popular “its no good” or “I don’t know what to make”. Well, don’t feel alone, many an artist have gone through these exact same feelings. I myself have suffered with these feelings and thought perhaps I was a weird one.  That is until I found this interesting article about this exact same topic.

Alison Lee of Craftcast broke down typical worries of artists and explained why you shouldn’t take things so seriously and to enjoy and have fun with your art.  I know, easier said than done, but the tips Alison listed really clearify things and make sense out of the garbled mess that can be the artistic mind.  Head on over to Craftcast and read Alison’s article “5 Things The Artisit In You Can Stop Worrying About Right Now!” and finally release those fears, push past your barriers, and get crafty!  I’ll do the same.  Smile

And on that note, I will talk to you lovelies later. Be good until then.  Bye for now. Smile

Looking around at her big stash of stuff,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I give up for now guys…

I’ve been trying to get back into blogging but if its not one thing its another. As you may know my computer has been unusable because it overheated and needed a cleaning. I finally got it back a couple of days ago and was trying to sort things out on it so that it would work faster and blah blah. Well I kept noticing something weird about it. It gets hot on the completely other side of the keyboard now and there’s a constant humming. For days I thought it was just me, but no, I’ve used this thing enough to know that Best Buy Geek Squad has messed up my computer!!!  They put it back together wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond pissed because its going to take an act of some higher power for me to get it fixed back around and those dillweeds better NOT expect payment for it!!!  I’m livid, if you can’t tell.  I haven’t been able to use my computer much because its slow and sluggish, probably from all the heat that is barely escaping because all the vents are ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COMPUTER and so the air is not getting out and my computer is just staying hot. Sorry, just frustrated by this on top of other things. And to make it more frustrating it’s Script Frenzy this month and I haven’t worked on it yet because I am reading through what I wrote last year to see where I left off.  Loving the story I wrote last year, btw. But now I may have to put it off for a few more days while the dillweeds that insist they know what they are doing fix my computer, AGAIN. Sad smile Once again, sorry, just frustrated and this is just the tug that broke the doll’s neck. Ha, did you see what I did there…oh nevermind.

So basically, if I owe you an email, its coming, but probably not until hopefully this weekend but don’t count on it until next week. My email is muy backed up again and I was all set for a big cleanout when I finally got my computer back since my sister’s is kind of slow to do it and I thought my computer I’d whiz right through it. Yeah, not so much. So yeah, if you sent me something you will get a response next week at the latest. Sorry, but it is what it is. Sad smileI’ll see what I can do from my sister’s computer, but honestly its only really good for watching things and not much else. So yeah, odds are I’ll be silent for a while, but I’ll be back as soon as those jokers get things fixed. Ugh! Dillweeds.

And so on that note, I’m off. I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate. If not, I hope you have an awesome weekend. I will talk to you lovely people later. Be good until then. Bye for now.

Wishing she knew how to fix her own computer,
A rather pissed off Michelle