Hi there. Thanks for visiting my About section.  I'm not really sure what to put here, but I am so honored that someone cares to learn more about me, that I just have to put something here.  So let's see what I can say about myself and this blog.

My name is Michelle (pronounced like "Me-shell", think of the Beatles song) and I've had my name since my mom was eleven years old.  Cool, right?  No one says my name right, though. Not even past boyfriends got it right, until I met my current guy. He said it right from day one.  I love how it sounds with his slight Hispanic accent, he's from Cuba for anyone who's interested.

I have lived in North Carolina most of my life, in the same house actually, and while our town could use a little makeover, I love calling it home.  I currently live with my family as I fight to get into better health. I suffer from health anxiety due to thyroid issues, weight issues, and severe acid reflux.  I can't wait to get better so I can get back to living.  Until then I've got crafting and writing to keep me busy, and even better, to keep me from going insane.

The kind of crafts I like to do?  I kind of hate saying this.  I'm a Jill-Of-All-Trades.  Why do I hate saying that?  Because it means that I know how to do a lot of things good, but I don't know how to do one thing perfectly.  I just can't help it.  I find so many things interesting and I want to learn about them all.  So I try things out and see how I like them.  Now the good thing about being a Jill-Of-All-Trades is that if I want something done I can figure it out myself and not have to outsource for it.  So I guess there are some perks.  But I want to pick a few trades that I become better at and can focus some more of my attention on.  I hope through this blog I can do that.  So, what can I do as of now?

Crochet (Working on amigurumi right now, and doll clothing. Hope to make the jump to human stuff soon.)
Knit (Working on amigurumi right now, and doll clothing. Hope to make the jump to human stuff soon.)
Sew (Working on stuffed animals and doll clothing. Hope to make the jump to human stuff soon.)
Clay Art (Right now I am working on clay charms. Not too big of a fan of this, but I may try it again.)
Paper Art (Paper beads mostly right now, but I have plans for making things out of magazines. Stay tuned.)
Jewelry Maker (For humans and dolls.)
Accessories Maker (For humans and dolls.)
Paint (I paint my own original art. They are kind of odd works of art, but it"s my kind of art.)
Draw (Not really good, but I am still working on it.)
Repaint Dolls (Self-explanatory.)
Reroot Dolls (Self-explanatory.)
Doll Customizations (Self-explanatory.)

And there are so many more I want to add to the list. I never thought I was creative until the year 2000 when we upgraded from WebTV and got a computer in the house and I learned a whole new way to be in the doll hobby.  When I thought of adults and dolls, I thought of fragile porcelain dolls sitting on shelves collecting dust, simply because that was what my collection was doing. Then I found my way onto Yahoo Groups and learned that people were doing much more than letting dolls collect dust.  They were playing with their dolls.  Repainting their faces, rooting new hair into them, making new characters out of them.  Then some, like myself, would take it a step further and put them into dolls stories, which is very popular believe it or not.  It's no weirder than people making videos for Youtube actually.  The dolls are the "stars" and you are the director.  But a benefit with dolls that you don't get with real people is you don't have to feed, water, or pay them, and get this, they don't complain.  Perfect if you ask me.  ;-)  I have a blog dedicated to my doll hobby, and was going to mix my craft and doll stuff together, but decided I wanted to keep those two words separated.  You're free to check out my doll blog if you are interested.  Not much going on there right now since I haven't been feeling well, but feel free to check it out.  The House of Mouse  But, if you'd like to take a pass on the dolls and stick to the crafts, that's fine too.  :-)

So what do I plan to put on this blog?  I'm not sure really.  I want to post about crafts and DIY stuff for sure.  And I'd like to post about my writing as well since that's a craft in and of itself.  You may hear an occassional bit of talk about dolls since that is my other hobby and I am trying to open a business based around dolls, for now.  Oh yeah, my shops.
I am currently working on opening two Zibbet shops.  One is called 333 Creations where I will sell things I created, like tangible items.  The other shop is called 333 Designs which is where I will sell patterns I make, but they will be online so they will be intangible, for now. I'd like to eventually get them printed out so people can have an actual hard copy of the pattern.  But all in good time.  Right now I just need to focus on getting my shops open.  Which is proving to be a problem with me. But I will make a post about that one day.

Humm, did I get everything?  I think I did.  Well besides the boring stuff like

Birthday: August 9th
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Favorite Color(s): Red, White, Pink, Black separately or Rainbow
Favorite Holiday: I like "the holidays" in general.  The whole combination of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mashed together.
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Sweet or Salty: Both
Boxers or Briefs: Briefs please fellas.
Favorite Season: Fall and the beginning of Spring
Favorite Crafty Indulgence: Fabric and Yarn (yum)
Type of Sewing Machine: A Brother. I'll update on the model later.
Cats or Dogs: Dogs, but cats sure are pretty.
Why Mouse?: I picked mouse because I love ANYTHING mouse related. My nickname is Mickey because I loved Mickey Mouse as a kid, and mouse love has continued through all these years. In some communities online I am referred to strictly as Mouse so it just kind of stuck, and I like it. So Mouse it is. But feel free to call me Michelle, Chelle, or Mouse, I'll listen to them all.  :-)

And ok, this page has gotten long enough.  So I am going to close it for now.  I know I will come back and edit this over time to make it a little more coherent, but until then, this just gives you a glimpse of who I am.  A little wacky, a little zany, a lot sweet, and tons crafty.  If you got this far, thank you, and I hope that you will continue to stick around and get to know me.  And be sure to comment so I can get to know you too.  We crafty people need to stick together if we are ever to prove to the world that just because we choose to sew our own clothing or knit our own gloves does not mean we are cheap, it means we're creative. :-)

Yards of Fabric and Skeins of Yarn,
Michelle (Mouse)