Sunday, February 12, 2012

Secret Lives By Terry Border

A creative guy by the name of Terry Border took a concept, what would happen if regular everyday things took on a life of their, and decided to make that happen through art. In his gallery, pictures like the one above takes regular items like a raisin and puts them into a "real life" situation.  Poor elderly "grape" up there surrounded by the youngsters.  Even me at my age, and I'm not that old people, I can relate to that feeling.  LOL!  The gallery is full of other fun and cute pictures.  One of my favorite is a nibbled and kissed on chocolate bar locking himself into a room trying to save his life.  You have to see it to get it, but trust me, its awesome.  In searching for more from Terry, I found a picture not in his gallery on the page from article that I just had to share with you.

Too cute and funny right?  Of course now this makes me crave a powdered doughnut, and I'm trying to change my lifestyle and diet. *sigh* Someone out there have one for me, ok.  Thanks.  :-)  Oh and in doing a little search I found where you can see more of his art from this set of objects he calls "Bent Objects", I was in luck and found his blog where he shares them.  Awesome.  There's also a main website, but it doesn't look like its recently been updated.  I'd stick with the blog and his Twitter to keep up with him.

But I just had to share his neat work with you all today.  I love how creative he is and I can't wait to go through his blog and see all that he's done.  Yes, I'm excited. :-)  And on that note I will say good bye to you lovely people.  I shall be back soon with another fun crafty find from the net.  Until then, be good and I will talk to you soon.  Bye for now.

Craving fried and powdery baked goods,