Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coffee Joulies

Ok, so I don’t even drink coffee, but I want these things so bad.  Maybe they work good for hot cocoa.  Coffee cup  Winking smile  Take a look at this video to find out what I’m talking about.

Pretty cool right?  And genius if you ask me.  Want some for yourself?  Check out the Coffee Joulies website and find out more about them and how to buy them. It just goes to show creativeness comes in all shapes and forms.  I can imagine having a nice hot cup of cocoa as I sit in  front of the window crafting and admiring the fall leaves.  Oh speaking of which, the dogwoods are starting to change colors.  Dogwoods are like the popular girl of the party.  They show up to the “blooming party” fashionably late and then they leave (turn colors and fall off) before everyone else does.  It’s super pretty but kind of funny to think they are last in first out.  Smile  I have to share with you the neighbor’s dogwood tree to show you what I mean.  I snapped a few quick pictures after I saw their tree was one of the first in the area changing.  Now I’m starting to feel Autumn is finally here.  Smile

Dogwoods Turning Colors 9/27/11

Dogwoods Turning Colors 9/27/11

Dogwoods Turning Colors 9/27/11

Beautiful, n'est pas?  Smile  Love autumn. Smile  Ok well I just had to share these two things with you lovely people today.  I’m taking a mini blogging break to catch up on some things in my life so I can come back a little more full force here and on my doll blog.  I promise to come back with more interesting posts real soon.  Be good until next time we meet.  Smile  Bye for now.

Daydreaming of jumping into huge leaf piles,


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