Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Almost forgot, I wanted to let you guys know I am on Pinterest. I have joined several interesting social media sites that I will be slowly updating you on, as soon as I figure out how they work lol.  But this one has my focus right now.  I joined a while back and one, I just realized how to really use it to it’s full potential, and two, I just realized a minute ago what the dang site’s name was.  I was trying to pronounce it like “pine-trest” instead of “pin-trest”.  It wasn’t until I saw “interest” and remembered the whole concept of the site was to “pin” things that I caught on.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought it was “pine-trest”.  Damn English language making it hard to pronounce things properly. LOL!  But yeah, feel free to follow, friend me, both, and I’ll do the same.  I love seeing what other people find of “pinterest”.  If you look at the picture above at the dress in the second row, I uploaded that to my account.  I couldn’t find the original source and only had the picture.  I wish I knew the artist, I know they must have other interesting pieces.  I’ll still hunt around and see if I can find them.  But that’s it for now ladies and gents.  I’m off to continue reading Mini Eco and maybe do some pinning.  Talk to you all soon.  Bye for now. Smile

Pinning away,

My New Favorite Crafty Read!

Hey guys and dolls!  So I was surfing the web through some mommy blogs, don’t ask why, and it lead me to one crafty mommy blog that has just blown my mind.  Mini Eco is a super cute blog with tons of creative and crafty tutorials for moms/dads and kids to do together.  Check out some of the projects I’m just itching to try.


Take a look at her woven paper art.  I don’t know what I like more about this, the 8-bit look of the art, the rainbow colors, or the fact that it’s woven.  You know what, screw it, I pick all of the above.  It’s just awesome all around.


This next one is so cool. A woven paper topper.  Now first of all I love the newspaper wrapping paper, proving it does not have to be store bought to look good and presentable.  But then you add this rainbow weaving on it and it takes on a whole new look and personality.  Love it.


And a last one are these color pencil beads.  I especially love what she did here with the points and the bead combo.  Love the bright color too.  There is a tutorial  on a blog I found Mino Eco through called Design Mom.  She shows in detail how to get these point beads and also how to get smaller beads by shaving off some of the end of the pencil. I am so going to try these and soon.

Honestly there is nothing on the site I don’t just find fascinating.  And before you begin to wonder, no I don’t know who runs the site, but I wish I did.  I would love to pick her brain on where she comes up with her awesome ideas.  Her blog is just so amazing there isn’t a post that I don’t want to read.  Speaking of reading, I’m off to read some more of her blog.  I hope you will read her blog too and ooh and aah over the many cool things she shares.  Talk to you lovelies later.

Rainbow paper and color pencil beads,

Monday, August 29, 2011

Guess who's back? And she brought her glue gun.

Hey guys and dolls!  It's been a while, huh?  I know, bad blogger.  I've been spending a lot of time blogging on my doll blog because to be honest, I wasn't feeling very crafty as of late. Just not feeling good and not being able to catch a good breath sometimes keeps me from doing much that I think will cause me to have to try to take a deep breath and cause panic if I can't get it.  So I've been shying away from here and crafting.  But tonight I just suddenly was overtaken by the need to talk about crafts again.  So here I am, ready to pull out the glue and glitter, and get my craft on.  So keep watching this spot people, I'm back, and I'm crafty.  *rolls eyes at own lame joke* Talk to you all soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  :-)

Big glittery hugs,