Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For the benefit of those with flash photography.

If any of you know what my title refers to then you know what the picture is for also.  For those of you who don’t know. these guys are Christian and Edge and back in the 90s they made an awesome tag team duo.  Well my brother loved them and once he got me into wrestling I loved them too.  Especially Edge.  Well Edge has had to retire due to injury and I’m glad it was found out before it was to late and I hope wherever life takes him on his new journey that he will be happy.
But this post isn’t about Edge, it’s about the title.  Edge was going down Memory Lane as he talked about his wrestling career and he mentioned the old tagline he and Christian used to say, title above.  My brother used to say that saying all the time and then do a silly pose.  Sometimes we’d play along and pretend to take pictures of him but most times we rolled our eyes and laughed as he continued to pose and encourage use to take pictures with our nonexistent cameras.  Ahh, the good old days.  LOL!  But as I thought about these fun old times I found myself crying.  Not big sobs but more like sniffles with tear duct leakage.  Even thought I had a big smile planted on my face the tears kept coming.  I guess I can’t help, I miss the guy, and it’s hard to believe I will never see him again.  I can’t imagine a person who was such a big part of my life and my friend is just gone like that and will never come back.  It’s been 12 years going on 13, and still I guess in my heart of hearts I hold on to a feeling that I’ll see him again.  Silly I know, but true.  But hey, you never know, I may see him again some day again, and when I do I will have my camera with me just in case he does give a pose for those of us with the benefit of flash photography.

Loves ya,


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