Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knock, knock. Boo’s there???

Sorry, being my candy corn self again today.  Fall is officially in the air and with that comes the holidays.  Although technically Columbus Day is in October, I don’t really celebrate that for several reasons.  No, the kickoff to my holiday season starts with none other than Halloween.  Boooooooo…  And aren’t these leafy ghosts so cute?  It took me a second to realize they were actually silk leaves. Cool idea huh?

Halloween, for me at least, has been a hit or miss with me over the past couple of years.  At first I loved it because of trick-or-treating, but then my mom stopped taking us and would just buy us candy so it didn’t mean much to me then without the trick-or-treating.  Then we got to throw Halloween parties in our teens so it meant something again for me.  But after my brother passed away, 12 years ago on the 12th, it changed Halloween for us.  He really liked Halloween and he died so close to it.  Honestly the whole end of the year is a sad time for my family.  Seems a lot of beloved people and animals passed away in September, October, and November.  But with the death of my brother it kind of made me give up on the holidays.  But times passes.  Wounds heal.  And then you want to give it another go.  So I want to try to do a little something fun this year.  I’m thinking one or two scary movies, something I have not done in literally years.  Some Halloween treats that I whip up myself.  And spending time with a family friend I haven’t seen in about a year.

And speaking of whipping things up, one of the things I want to whip up is this.  A Chocolate Pumpkin Cake.  Doesn’t it look spooky as well as chocolaty?  Smile I love the black cake stand, it just adds to the Halloween feel of it.  I don’t know if this cake will make it on the list of to-dos this year since I really want to make some homemade Butterfingers, but it’s certainly on a to-do list.  I’m already thinking of different colors to celebrate other holidays.  Like today it’s slightly warm, feels like a Spring day.  I’m picturing a pink cake with light green frosting dripping from the top.  Maybe some candy eggs decorating the sides of it.  It’s a thought.  Ohhh, or a slightly darker green, a slightly darker red, and then spots on the red to make it look kind of like a strawberry.  Ideasssss.  Smile

Sadly my ideas are about as crafty as I’ve been getting as of late.  I’m trying to work my way through organizing my computer and my “haunts” online so I can better socialize and finally open my freaking shop that has been in a “coming soon” state for years now.  But I hope with this fall my life slowly going back to normal that I can start planning and achieving some goals.  Fingers crossed  I’m hoping that 2012 will be an awesome year.  Even if it ends being our last year, be sure to celebrate Christmas big this year seeing it that some people depict that it will be our last.  Winking smile  But seriously, I am ready to move forward with my life and see my goals start to come true.  Each day the goal list grows with things I want to try to achieve, but  I’m starting to logically see that I can’t reach them all, at least not in this lifetime, but I’m going to shoot for the stars and grab as many on my way by and be happy with my haul once I reach the end of the universe.  Smile

And so I’m off peeps.  I needed this post to reenergize me and my quest for happiness.  I’ve got plans.  I’ve got goals.  And I’ve got determination.  A nice little arsenal to have if I do say so myself.  Winking smile  Ok, I will talk to you lovelies soon.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Planning her next big crafty caper,


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