Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, one more thing!

Ok, so I was mentioning to my sister today that I wanted to get a domain, and she said “well I’ll get your one for your birthday but just sooner”.  I was like “are you serious?”, and she said “yeah I’ll get you one if you really want one”.  Ack!!!  So I totally want to take her up on her offer, but I haven’t been researching hosts as of late and I don’t even know what I want my domain name to be.  Something mouse related…I guess.  We’ll yeah I want it mouse related, but I do crafts, dolls, and more, so what kind of name would bring that altogether?  I want to keep my blogs, but I guess one I’d want to be incorporated into the website.  I’m not sure.  So much to think about.  I need a domain I could stick with for at least a year, but not sure what yet.  I wonder if I can just link to my blogs and have it all incorporated with the blog?  Ahhhhh!!!  I don’t knowwwww!!!  Ok, I’ve got time to think about it.  It may just not happen until closer around my birthday after all since I need time to think about it and want to go through all my Spring cleaning before I bring it all together.  I have some ideas already swimming around.  Ahhh!!!  A domain!!!  I’m excited!!!  I’ll keep you updated on that.  Smile

Loves ya,


corsetkitten (aka Erica) said...

I always think that picking domain names is like naming a kid---you'd better like the name because you're going to invest a lot of time & effort into it! ;)

And yep, you'll set up a blog on your domain if you want (there are definite advantages to it but it can be nice to still have your already existing blogs)

Chelle said...

Yeah the name part is the hardest to come by. I think I may have come up with one I like, but now the fussy work of putting it all together. I'm taking my time with this because I want to build a "brand" from it so it needs to be right the first time around. *sigh* Oddly enough, picking out names for potential future kids came to me a lot easier than my domain name. LOL!

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