Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy times with a little sad sigh.

Ok, so I haven’t been feeling that good this week and was looking forward to a package coming to me as a belated birthday gift from my sister.  I have recently decided to really try knitting for real.  Like knitting stuff for humans instead of dolls…well not instead of more like including dolls.  The doll knitting has been going ok.  I’ve learned some new techniques through it but I want to start focusing on things for me.  So I have ordered several books, my sister ordered me some, and my dad got me some in the past three weeks.  One of the books I wasn’t sure about, but finally decided on, showed up today with a few other books.  All the books were in great condition except for one of them.  I have to admit I got a little sad when I saw the book.  The cover is cut from one side of the cover to midway through it and it went all the way through the paper.  If I something wrong I will ultimately rip the book. So my mom gave me the idea of taping the back of the cover with some cute tape.  Which really isn’t a problem. Once I popped the cover out some it looked ok up front but it’s still fragile without the tape.  I was thinking of doing this when all of it sudden I just got taken over with a bit of…not really anger or rage just a feeling of they shouldn’t be able to get away with this.

I understand accidents happen, but this was fully visible.  They saw this.  The order was fulfilled through Amazon but it was from a dealer.  I’m sorry, but I feel if you are going to deal with books, especially paperback books, you need to take extra care when you open the boxes.  I worked at Kmart back in the day and I had to put up books sometimes because it was wrapped in with the garden shop, where I worked, and I used a box cutter all the time to open stuff for the books and garden shop.  Some stuff in the garden shop you didn’t want the package ripping or you’d be covered in dirt or fertilizer.  So I made sure that when I cut open the box on the sides I would lift it up in the center and then slice it so I wouldn’t touch the merchandise underneath.  It’s just common sense.  And if they had seen that book was cut like that they should have given me another one and sent the cut one back to it’s publisher or discounted it more.  Now I got the book at a nice price, but no where did it say the book was cut.  If it had I am sure I would have still purchased it at that price thinking I’d just tape it or be careful with it.  But at least I’d be expecting it.  But I wasn’t and this irritated me.  Usually I would just accept things as is, but seeing it that this was a gift and seeing it that this was stated in new condition I feel I am owed a partial refund.  I read one other guy had a problem with the dealer that his book looked used and beat up and Amazon offered him 15% back on the book if he kept it because it would cost them more in shipping to exchange the book.  So he took it but won’t deal with the dealer again.  I feel that getting a percentage back would be fair.  I would keep the book and tape the back of it, and leave my feedback for the seller.  I haven’t left any yet so I can give a fair feedback if the seller helps me in this situation.  If not, then I will be leaving negative feedback and will be posting here about them so buyer may beware if you end up dealing with them in the future.

Ok, so that’s my mini rant and vent.  Just needed to get it off my chest since it did bother me so much.  Usually I don’t like to complain because I feel it makes me look childish, but I know I’m not alone out there.  If you are expecting something in new condition then damnit all it should be in new condition.  I could have handled a scratch where the box cutter went across the book.  A scratch is doable.  But this is a cut that when straight through the cover and through half of it.  So yeah, I’m a bit pissy.  Ok, I’m gonna go crawl back into bed and watch some more of this Korean drama I started watching.  It’s pretty cute.  If it stays cute I’ll post about it on my main blog.  Until then, bye for now.

Loves ya,


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